Simon – Technician


Astek Dental Centre laboratory technician Simon working on a crown

Simon is one of Astek Dental Centre’s highly qualified technicians and works along side our dentists, making crowns and bridges as well as many other dental appliances.

Simon’s close cooperation with our dentists brings a truly personal touch to our Centre and gives our patients the satisfaction of  knowing that their work is being made in-house.

If changes need to be made in the future the dentist can work directly with Simon without having to send the work away to another laboratory which can cause considerable inconvenience.

Simon has been working for Astek for 8 years after qualifying with a B.Tech in Dental Laboratory Technology in 2004.
Simon is self employed and works in other dental laboratories all over London, which helps him keep up to date with the latest aspects of dentistry.

To watch Simon meticulously build up layer upon layer of UV light cured plastic to achieve a perfect fit to the base of the crown is an insight into the precision nature of modern dental technology.